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Topic: 2003 Yamaha 250 BearTracker quad, new carb issue (Read 1024 times) previous topic - next topic
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2003 Yamaha 250 BearTracker quad, new carb issue

2003 250, I ended up w/ this quad on a trade deal, I know nothing about it's history other than it got a new carburetor put on it last year. My problem is that it will run, but only w/ the choke fully out, and  it runs abnormally fast regardless of idle screw position. If I try to slowly push choke off, it starts to sputter and then blow-back pressure damn near pushes carb off the manifold. I see where timing in NOT adjustable. I have taken the carb apart and checked all jets, needle valves, etc, both diaphragms are good. Everything still looks brand new. I'm stumped on this one... >:(

Re: 2003 Yamaha 250 BearTracker quad, new carb issue

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hmmmmm only runs on choke and doesn't respond to any carburetor adjustments.  I'd guess that it has an issue with that new carburetor.  Unfortunately, the only way to test is to try another carb and see if that works.
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