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Changes to Reputation

    Hello all! Got another update soon rolling out for TQC... gotta keep y'all on your feet!

    The reputation system will be getting a small(ish) overhaul to make every interaction on the site count. Here are some of the key features.

  • Posting: Threads and posts will now count for the same amount of reputation, 3 points. This makes calculating your points much easier, and gives users more incentive to post responses to the threads. I will be clearing everybody's current reputation, and importing all posts to the new reputation database so that it is equally reflected: currently, users that posted alot before the new software did not get credit they deserved on the new rep system.
  • Shoutbox: Posting in the shoutbox will give a small amount of reputation for each post (likely .1 point). This will make it so that even chatting you will build rep... you're accessing and using the site, so you might as well give you credit.
  • Referrals: Upon registering, users will be able to type a name into a box for who referred them to the site. By referring a member, you will receive 15 reputation points.
  • "Thank You:" A modification to threads will allow you to "thank" a member for a post. It will work similarly to the infamous Facebook like button, and upon thanking a member, you will automatically give them 3 reputation points. You will also be able to "Like" posts on TapaTalk (yay!) and it will show as thank you's on the full website, and I will slowly incorporate this into mobile site as well.

Of course, the current reputation system will remain in place, but these changes are meant to give all members incentive for using the entire website... whether you are a technician, a new guy, or an administrator, everyone deserves to have credit for their interactions here on The Quad Connection. I will be working on pushing out these changes as they are completed on the development server, and will keep this thread updated with all the changes!

Re: Changes to Reputation

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awesome, sounds great Corey!
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Re: Changes to Reputation

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Wow! I get rep for chat smileys ? #LOL

Re: Changes to Reputation

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Alright, sorry for the delay in this guys. I haven't forgotten. I have my development server back up and running and plan to begin coding all of this again. Also plan to migrate to a more secure database setup, and one that allows easier security patches. I also plan on launching an ecommerce website in the near-ish future... stay tuned.

BTW: I know there hasn't been a huge spike in registrations, but there has been a spike in hits to the site... a significant spike, actually. I have a few ideas to encourage registration as well with the next major update. I'm making it a point to begin coming here more, I've been hella busy with school and now working full time as well. But full time = funds, and funds = quicker development because I can actually purchase software I needed. I:I