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Elite Membership [Paid]

Elite members is a paid subscription to The Quad Connection.

The cost is $5 annually, or $15 for a lifetime subscription.

The benefits gained through the membership are as follows:
  • Ability to edit your posts
  • Ability to lock or delete your threads
  • Ability to lock or delete your polls
  • Ability to move your threads
  • No more ads
  • Create custom user title
  • Unlimited Private Message Inbox
  • Green name in memberlist
  • Custom username color for posting
  • Ability to change display name
  • Access to a elite member forum, where only other elites may post
These are just the current benefits, more will likely come in the future. In order to become a paid member, click the "Subscriptions" button on the top of the page!

Re: Elite Membership [Paid]

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Worth every penny! rocks  ;)