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Server and Software Updates

Hey all,

It's been a while since I did any major revamping of The Quad Connection. I recently started migrating many of my other projects to a newer, much more powerful server - it was TQC's time to be moved.

I have migrated all content to a new forum software, ElkArte. ElkArte is based off of Simple Machines Forum (what TQC previously ran on) and has a similar feel, but has many more features that Simple Machines Forum (SMF) lacked. In addition to more features, it also has much better security protocols. You may have noticed that you had to log in twice after being prompted that your security settings have been updated, that is a process that updates your profile to be compatible with ElkArte.

There are still some issues I am working out, but at this point it was stable enough to flip the switch.

Let's make The Quad Connection great again.

With the new server and software, and now having more funds than I previously had, I plan to make The Quad Connection great again. This will include advertising campaigns and new content.

I have also removed all staff members with the exception of myself. I will be going solo for now, looking for others to help out if/when we start picking up steam.

Let me know if you run into any issues when using the software. If you are not able to log in, please contact me on Facebook and I will do my best to help out.

Notable New Features

  • Full functional mobile theming
  • HTTPS/SSL Implementation - Encrypted connection to help remain secure
  • Like posts - Similar to Facebook, you are able to "Like" posts as a way of quickly interacting.
  • Mentions - You are able to mention people in posts, who will then be notified about their mentioning. You can mention people by typing @username .
  • Respond via Email - You can choose to be notified via email should someone reply to any of your posts, and you can simply reply to that email to post an update on the thread. This also works for private messages.

To Do:

  • Fix downloadable manual links
  • Implement TapaTalk with new server.
  • Fix 404 page directly after log on (log on still works).

Re: Server and Software Updates

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Fixed manual download. Fixed HTTPS redirect issues. Fixed issue with following a link to the old server, it now properly redirects to this one.

Re: Server and Software Updates

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Fixed issue with YouTube links not displaying embedded videos. Updated to latest version of ElkArte (v. 1.0.9).