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Re: Making a light bar for an 01 dodge rango

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Wha?  I wasn't directing it at anyone, actually.  Only pointing out that saying that any particular brand of anything is junk (just by virtue of being that brand) is a little narrow minded.  Sort of brand-ist if you will.  #HMM  
Personal experiences and professional opinions are one thing (as long as they are quantified).  Someone saying "I once had XXXX and it was junk" or "I work on XXXX all the time and I won't own one" is helpful.
 Saying "XXXX is junk because I've heard it's junk" or " XXXX is junk but I've never had one, just seen a bunch of them broke down" isn't very helpful, now is it?
Now, back to the conversation about a light bar.  What are the plans for the lighting itself, just 2() 6" halogen lights?  Most every offroad light out there uses 55 watt halogen bulbs.  At ~14V this is roughly 4 amps draw per light.  Factor this into wiring sizing.  If you're looking at only 2 lamps you can get away with smaller size wire than if you are running a bank of 8 lights...
If you do decide to get an LED light bank, they consume considerably less power than halogen lights.  Something on the order of 1/10th the power consumption for a given amount of lumens.  I, personally, don't like the glare produced by high intensity "blue" light (either HID or LED) but they do use considerably less power and each bulb will last a lot longer (although, that is sometimes drawnback by the fact that they are made MUCH harder to replace or non-replacable!).

I Mentioned Good Sized Wiring . He Don't get on much so It may get built before he logs back on .

Re: Making a light bar for an 01 dodge rango

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I stand by what I posted. They are commen problems. I agreed with them having problems. Not about selling it. There problems that his truck may or may not have. I was giving advice on what to look out for with it. I just find it odd that no one said anything till after I posted.

In all fairness, I simply hadn't seen it until I posted.  I had seen the original post and made my comment but hadn't come back.  It was coincidence on my part.
That being said, dodges DO have some issues (just like every other brand!).  Blaster, some to look out for.... If this durango has the 5.2/5.9 magnum V8. the intake manifold is sealed away from the lifter valley with a flimsy piece of sheet metal.  Most do not, but some warp and break the seal.  They will start to consume oil (like the rings are burnt) but the best way to tell this apart from rings is that at high load low throttle trim (like cruising down the highway at 65+ or going up a slight incline but before the transmission downshifts) the engine will spark knock.  The extra air isn't being metered for and it causes the engine to run slightly lean.  There is an aftermarket company that sells a "kit" to repair this problem on those that have it for ~$100.  The biggest issue is you have to pull the manifold off which is quite a dig to get down to it.
Another known issue is the transmission cooling line "thermostat".  On the passenger side of the vehicle on top of the frame rail just behind the radiator shround are the transmission cooler lines.  The smaller one has a funky "bulge" in it.  This is SUPPOSED to work as a thermostat by blocking off the transmission cooler when the transmission fluid temperature isn't high enough.  What it actually does is intermittently clog or stick open.  This results in overheated transmission fluid and no shift manifold pressure!  Neither are good for an automatic transmission...  If the vehicle sits for a few days and the next time you go to start it, doesn't go into gear for a few seconds and you have to rev it up to get it to go that first time, the thermostat doohickey is acting up. 
Now you're pretty well covered on a few of the quirks of this particular vehicle from personal experience and from folks that I personally know that had issues with dodge's.  ;)
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