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My new work truck

Got her bone stock about 5 months ago and I absolutely LOVE this truck no Im not a dodge fan just a huge fan of the motor. So far I added 5" dual stack kit, 6.5" lift, 35" nitto m/t, 18" MM wheels, Smarty tuning system, 5" intake, gauges, HID's blah blah..  this is what Ive been busy working on

Im making a video for it very soon. this thing RIPS

when I 1st got it

and now

Re: My new work truck

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Sweet Truck Bro , Those Moto Metal Wheels Are Sweet , And there A Great Price Too , My Buddy just bought a set of Similar ones in 17" ! .

Re: My new work truck

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Nice ride man! don't see you having any hauling issues with that

Re: My new work truck

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Very cool truck. Really like what you did to it.