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Brake light on an A/C lighting system

I was thinking about a way to add a brake light to a quad (or trike  #HMM) without one originally.  I came up with a pretty simple idea that wouldn't even require much wiring.  There are only two drawbacks....

#1 brake light only works while the headlight is on.  Since you REALLY need the brake light at night, this isn't much of an issue in my mind. 

#2 The brake light is only actuated by the rear brake lever.  This is obviously more of a drawback because not everyone uses both front and rear brakes at the same time everytime.  However, for the sake of simplicity, we'll live with it.

The first step is buying the correct parts.  You need a tail/brake off a quad that is new enough to have a nice bright brake light but not so new it's an LED bulb pack.  If you are using this on an A/C lighting system it needs to be an incandescent bulb.  You also need a rear brake switch off a newer sport quad.  You want one with the spring still on the end.

The only real fab work here is making a bracket for the switch that holds it to the frame just above the rear brake pedal.  I'm thinking a small bracket that's held to the frame with two clamps.  It doesn't have to be fancy, just solid.  You'd also need to drill a small hole in the brake pedal (like a 1/8" hole) just ahead of the pivot point.  The switched don't have a large range, they only need to move about 1/4" before they'll engage but the spring will take up any more so you can be generous with the mounting location and hole location to make sure you have enough travel on the switch to activate it.

The last step is the wiring.  Basically, there's very little.... you need to run the original taillight positive wire back down to the new switch.  Split the taillight wire in two feeding one side of the switch and running the other side back along itself up to the new tail light.  The other side of the switch can then follow up and get hooked up to the brake light element.  In this way, the headlight switch turns on the taillight and energizes the brake light switch.  When you step on the rear brake pedal, the switch closes and turns on the brake as well.  Because the A/C lighting coil makes about 37 volts and the regulator just burns off all that's not used, this shouldn't affect how bright either (or the headlight) are.  They should all work equally well even with the addition of a new brake light.
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