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Dinli 90 youth ATV

I generally try to make it a habit to stay away from the "knock off" ATV's with electrical problems.  They're nothing but headaches with CHEAP wiring, connectors, rubber, plastic...  #STOP
However, a guy who's been getting me to work on his machines (many ATV's) has a Dinli 90 that is having some trouble.  I figured, based on his description, it simply had a dead battery.  Got it here and of COURSE the battery has juice but the ATV has nothing else.  No lights, no turn over, not even the warning light for the oil tank when you turn on the switch.  GRR!!!!!!
I took the body off of it last night so I could access everything and JEEZE was that an adventure.  To boot, nothing is accessible even with the body off.  The wiring is all wiretied under everything (gas tank, oil tank, battery tray, steering stuffs)so I still have more digging to do. 
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Re: Dinli 90 youth ATV

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like you dont' know the damn rules! where are these frustrating pictures?

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I took some pictures of this machine yesterday and the battle I was up against LOL
I have, however, figured out the issue already!  There were a few problems.  First, NONE of the lights work leading me to believe that I wasn't getting ANY power at all.  Second, this machine is strange in that it has front cable drum brakes hand operated and rear hydraulic disc brakes also hand operated.   I traced the wiring through the starter circuit through the brake light switch on the rear brakes.... I understand the idea there but it was CONFUSING!  The wiring under the "hood" isn't straight out.... The wiring all branches about 12" back into the harness and kind of disappears. 
Finally, I figured out that I had I squeeze the rear brake handle and it turned over.  It still did not start, though...
I pulled the spark plug and of course, no fire.  There is a little safety switch on the back of the machine with a lanyard in it.  I guess it's a sort of really long tether/kill switch.  Either way, I removed the cap and pressed the button around a bunch and I got fire.  I couldn't get fire with the cap (the switch was bad) so I bypassed the assembly in the harness.  The lanyard was all still rolled up and ziptied so I'm confident it wasn't being used anyway.
Finally, I got it to fire off.  It needed the carburetor cleaned anyway but I got it running.
Click on the pic VVVV You know you want to....