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Feature Requests

Alright guys, so this holiday I finally got around to building a new computer and now have some real development power. The development server on my old setup began to get buggy and laggy, causing major delays in development... but now I have my server back up and running at full potential. So with that, I'm ready to make some changes. Some I promised a long time ago, some are new. Back when TQC launched, I promised input from the community for all development... that stands true to this day. I know we've been slow recently, but with these updates launched I plan on running a [paid] ad campaign to get us more registrations. Believe it or not, we actually get thousands of hits a day, and continue to grow, but our registration count is down.

So, my features that I'm implementing, some mentioned before:
  • Thank You/Like System. This will add a facebook-ish "like" system to the forum and will allow you to simply thank members. This will add to a user's reputation and also have a separate thank you count.
  • Update to latest Simple Machines software. This has stability fixes, new features, and also security updates.
  • Fixes to reputation. Reputation will be recalculated on launch. All posts will be recalculated, and bars will be reset properly. The reputation was miscalculated from the old rep system
  • Splash screen if you're not registered when you first view the site. Many sites have a popup sort of window that asks you to register. I'd like to implement this so that more people register right off the bat. If you're logged in/already a member, of course you won't be bothered.
  • Add repair features to the admin panel, so that any admin can repair the database should there be an issue.

I may have to temporarily remove the classifieds section, as it always causes database errors and is not fully compatible with the newest SMF versions, but I'd rather have a very stable forum.

Let me know features you want, I'll work to get them implemented.

Re: Feature Requests

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Decided we will be going on to the beta of SMF2.1. This will limit some features, but in the long run be a good transition. Number 1 priority is long as its solid I will bump to the beta.

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Re: Feature Requests

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As far as classifieds go, I'm ok with 86'in it for now, not like it used at all. The most used feature is chat.  Let the upgrade begin...