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Arctic Cat 400 broken axle

Had a friend of mine call and ask me if I could come over and take a look at his Arctic Cat.  When I arrived, I could see the issue right away, the right rear wheel was sitting all cockeyed and obviously no longer attached to the machine.

Apparently he buried it in a mudhole and was trying to get it out of the mud when he heard a snap and the right rear wheel stopped pulling.  Winched out, he drove it back slowly to the house and turning right into the yard the wheel fell off. 

LOL! I'll snap a pic of it whenever I can get my camera to function again and post it.  To say the least, it was fun to get it back up into the bed of the truck....
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Re: Arctic Cat 400 broken axle

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Camera never did agree with me....

I can tell you that he broke the axle long before the wheel actually fell off.  The axle has a "thin" spot just inside the outer splines and that spot had a crack in it that had been there some time.  I suspect that he hit something before the axle actually completely broke and tweaked it.  It was weakened enough that it twisted off down in a mudhole.

Anyway, new axle, new axle tube, and new hub later it's sitting back on all 4 wheels.
Click on the pic VVVV You know you want to....