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Big red tires?

I'm looking for some opinions on what you guys think I should put on the front of my big red. It has super swamper vampires on the rear that are pretty new so no need for them but I think the front will just slide around in busco mud without some new tread. It has the stock style front tire on it that I can't seem to find anywhere new so that is not an option. I've also read that any V style mud tire does awful on the front of these machines. So these are my replacement options and let me know if you guys know of something better.  It is a 25x12x9 tire and I just don't want it to look retarded like a turf tamer.

what it looks like now

Options that I can find. tell me what ya think

Here's Civics suggestion

Re: Big red tires?

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The first two are lame like a turf tamer. 

The second two aren't bad.  You could also consider a Carlisle Trail Wolf (they make them in the 25-12/9 size as well). I have a skinny one on the front of my trike and it does GREAT in the muck. 
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Re: Big red tires?

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Thanks for all the feedback guys >:( anyway here's what i decided on.

I got a little worried when it showed up and looked like this

But fortunately it took the proper shape when it was installed.

Re: Big red tires?

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 :-WRT  I love it.

You are tearing me apart with that Big Red.  I want one, bad.
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Re: Big red tires?

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There's one about 10 minutes from here that he was drooling over a couple of months ago. He's too stubborn to just go ask if it's for sale. He says it's "being used" and "the guy won't let it go" because it has a little yard trailer hooked to it. Worst thing he could do is ask and be told "no..."

Nice tire, BTW. When we bought the Kenda set for the Prairie, they looked awfully flat-topped like that until they were on and inflated. Kind of worried me, too.

Unfortunately, you got feedback from the "guys." It's just us and Brandon, these days. LOL.

Re: Big red tires?

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Yeah the attendance levels these days are pretty lacking(me included) 

I would have never believed that tire would have changed shape like that if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes

BTW Discount tire only charges 5 bux to install atv tires. they don't do motorcycle tires though

Re: Big red tires?

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 :-T2  I'm just not comfy walking into someone's yard and asking if their machine is for sale.  I'll find one eventually, just not that worried about it right now.
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