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Your other Hobbies?

Obviously we all have quads as a mutual hobby, im wondering what else everybody fills their extra time with.

Aside from quads many of you know im really into nitro rc trucks. And i have a massive vintage video game collection, aside from games i have a pretty long list of things i collect including cards, coins, belt buckles, signs and some other stuff.  Also i love to shoot stuff and blow stuff up, we have a 125 yard shooting range behind our shop so i guess you could say we like to shoot :P

Quads and powersports in general take up 90% of my time thats where the rest goes, my girlfriend and i are getting married soon, she is usually unhappy with me because im in the garage or tinkering in my office and im not big on going out to bars and what not.

Re: Your other Hobbies?

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I enjoy anything technology. Been developing a game for a while now, was gonna launch it soon but this website was more important to me, so it'll come in time. I like graphic design too, but that fits into anything tech. I've built a few computers for people, and have upgraded many.

Other than that, I spend a lot of time with my girlfriend. Been dating since the summer of 2009. All is going well!

Congrats on the soon marriage, Tyler!

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well, here goes...

I have 5 R/C airplanes.  a .40 nitro trainer, two electric "park flyers", one P-51 extremely high speed dog fighter (that I never dog fought with), and one ducted fan jet.

I have 2 R/C boats, an unlimited hydroplane speed 400 brushless running a 1800 mAh lipo and a tunnel ram nitro with a K&B

I have two helicopters, one little cheapy coaxial and a Blade CP Pro brushless running the stock lipo

I have two R/C vehicles, a Traxxas E-Rustler running a 15 turn touring car motor (bought pre vileneon system) and a CEN GT10 4wd on road car with a GT40 body on it.
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Well other than the quads I have put an addition on the house, put new drywall up and hardwood floors all through the house. So I guess you could say I look to do some home remolding in my spare time. WAIT A MINUTE!!!! That the stuff the wife makes me do! I don't like that crap!!!

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I love how the hubby is the only one who doesn't mention his significant other.
I enjoy reading, cooking, baking, working out/Zumba, and listening to music.
My kids are pretty awesome too.
And I like to sing in the car. Loudly.

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Other than moderating this forum, (cause that's soooo hard to do)  ;D , and working on the blaster, I must say I love to Fish.  It's the most relaxing thing for me to do, on a nice warm evening with a case of beer, it doesn't get no better than that!

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I guess I do a little bit of everything. I started getting into photography.. I recently bought a canon rebel t3 camera with a 75-300mm lense. Hiking, camping, fishing and shed rack hunting are some of the things I do outside.
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well other than putting a pic of me sitting here typing this post.... My main hobby outside breakin blaster parts is fishing here's a couple shots of some of my recent catchs


Re: Your other Hobbies?

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I wish our rivers had those lunkers!  be lucky if ya find a 3lber

Re: Your other Hobbies?

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I caught those in ponds on the side of the toll rodes down here. lol

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For me, its a mix of everything. I'm very into technology. I built a custom PC a few months back. It's been running strong and I continue to upgrade it anyway I can! I've got my entire life on this thing, and I really want to get an SSD and re-download windows, because booting is this things weakness  :(

I've got an R/C Trainer. Its an old Great Planes PT40. I completely restored it, had to rebuild the entire tail of the plane. The carburetor was seized up when I got it, but after some TLC, it came loose. Cleaned the entire engine, carburetor, etc etc and I got it running. I completely re-coated the plane with Monokote. All it needs now is servos and a radio system!

I've got 4 Leopard Geckos, had them since I was young. I used to breed them, raise the babies up to sexual maturity, and then sell them off. It was very expensive and very time consuming, so I quickly got out of breeding. I still have the 4 adults, which I spoil to death. They each have their own 30 Gallon tank, with monthly substrate changes, and all kinds of insects for food. They are really cool to handle, love to be pet on their heads, and easy as hell!

I also have two dogs. One is a 1 year old Pit Bull named Samson. We rescued Samson from 11th Hour Rescue. He's pretty much the best thing that our family has done. He's really just an awesome dog, very active, loving, gently, kind... He gets along with out other dog, Norman, who is a 10 year old Mini Schnauzer. Norman and Samson play together all the time. Many people can't believe us when we tell them that they are like brothers. Pit Bulls have a very bad reputation, but in reality, they are such a good breed. Samson shows no signs of aggression whatsoever, and we've never had an issue with him.

In the winter, I snowboard. I just recently got back into it, now that I have a job and can afford a Season Pass to Mountain Creek. I went for the first time in 3 years yesterday, and I got right back into it. Feels awesome to be back again!

In the summer, I go fishing pretty much anytime I want. There are tons of ponds/lakes around here and I usually go with a group of friends. We catch whatever we catch, not like we're doing it competitively. Fishing is great to get my mind off of things! My dad, brother and I try to go off shore fishing down in South Jersey. Bluefish,  Stripers, Fluke, even Tuna.

In the Fall/Winter, I go hunting. I've got my Bow and Shotgun license. Things have been tough here this year, not seeing as many deer as we've seen in the previous years. Something is definitely going on, because there seems to be a MAJOR shortage of deer around here.

That pretty much is it. There are little things in between that I do, but I covered the majority of what I do.

Wow, can't believe I typed all of that!

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nice fish man, we have very few spots were u can find them like that, usually private ponds that u need permission to fish, thats cool u can just pull over on a toll road and pull out lunkers like that

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thats awesome u rescued a pit adam..i have 2 of them and i wouldnt give em up for anything, best dogs on the on the planet  ;D

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thats awesome u rescued a pit adam..i have 2 of them and i wouldnt give em up for anything, best dogs on the on the planet  ;D

Yeah man, he's really just an awesome dog. I'd get a thousand more if I could  ;D