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Topic: Blaner back in the fold (Again)  (Read 1440 times) previous topic - next topic
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Blaner back in the fold (Again)

Hi Hi guys, I got an email from Kronix about the server change for quad connection, I thought id use it as a chance to pop in and say hello! Perhaps Il stick around, last time I was here,nothing much went on for days! I miss the good old days with all of you hooligans! 8)

I have been absent from all forums for a while while I have been devising a cunning plan that im sure will get most you technical guys excited, hopefully its something none of you have seen before. Il post up a thread soon!

Re: Blaner back in the fold (Again)

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Hey buddy.  I like the technical stuff.  ;)
Click on the pic VVVV You know you want to....


Re: Blaner back in the fold (Again)

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Is this the same reflective brother from another mother from SA? I knew there were a couple of you guys around here lol