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Removing broken jet from carburetor

It's not exactly pertaining to quads but it's a nifty trick and it might help someone at some point.

The application was unusual, a IH Farmall Cub tractor carburetor but the problem is all too common, broken off parts down in there somewhere.  The trouble is, most things that bond to melt at temperatures higher than the melting point of aluminum....  what the job needed was a material that would bond to brass but not to aluminum (not too hard there, most things that bond to aluminum bond to nothing else) and make a STRONG joint on the brass but also melt at a lower temp than aluminum.

My nifty trick is this, tig weld silver solder (I used Harrris #5 also known as Stay Silv-5) onto the back of the jet and build it up inside the aluminum until the solder is poking out the top of the carburetor body.  The nifty part is, because the silver solder bonds to the brass but not the aluminum, melts at a temperature below 1250degF, and it's soft enough to be gripped by pliers without shattering or crumbling, I was able to back the idle mixture adjustment screw back out of the carburetor body without damaging the needle seat or threads anymore than they already were.  Rescued a carburetor without collateral damage.
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