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TRX300 Fourtrax shifter

Had a shift shaft issue, shifter had gotten loose on the splines and had stripped.

Someone had welded the shifter on the shaft and the weld was broken.  The entire thing was a muckup from the word go.

Just a few notes, the shaft itself is used from 1988 to 2000.  However, the bracket that the shaft uses to ratchet the gears is different.  I ordered a replacement shaft off ebay.  It had the bracket with it but had to be removed and replaced with the one that came on the machine.  The shaft is held captive by the stator side cover.  It has a thrust washer on the inside of the bracket that has to be reused.  It's easy to drop that down into the cases if you're not careful. 

It wasn't really that hard, all in all.  The shifter should be here sometime this week.  I'll post some pics of the carnage later
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