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Major issues with bayou 300 4x4

So here's the latest. I believe the regulator and cdi died, idled fine but when applying g throttle would spit and backfire big time. Checked timing which was ok, replaced battery, checked ground, cannot find any shorts. So I'm assuming its the reg. also the electric start quit. Neutral light only comes on sporadically when it does the e-start will work for a very short time. Can pull start it. Cleaned carb thoroughly too. Then today it gets stuck in reverse so I start taking the side covers off to investigate that and see two of the "lobes" on the stator appear burnt. I'm assuming that's not good.
So any ideas on the e-start/neutral light issue?
Would the voltage regulator cause major backfire and spitting?
What would cause the reverse sticking?


Re: Major issues with bayou 300 4x4

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I'm sorry I didn't see this earlier to address it.  Missed my radar, apparently!
First off, the regulator/rectifier is only hooked between the multipoles on the stator that do NOT charge the CDI syste.  If you look at the separate poles of the stator, there will be like 3 wired together and the rest hooked together.  The smaller bundle is the CDI charging system.  The rest are the regulator/rectifier charging system.  A burnt out regulator/rectifier won't directly cause a misfire condition.  However, those Kawi's are sensitive to battery voltage to run the ignition system.  IF the battery is discharged, they will sometimes run funny...  so basically, as long as the battery is charged, the reg/rec burnt shouldn't matter.
The poles of the stator, however, could be the root cause of your misfire problem.  If one of those is your CDI trigger coil it will be getting kinds of stupid ignition signals and not firing at the correct time.
That being said, CDI's are known to give trouble on the Bayou's but rarely the charging system.  The VAST majority of the problems the entire KLF series kawi's have is fuel system related.  Go through and make SURE the entire carburetor is clean as a pin.  There are several passages inside that Keihin CVK32 that are difficult to get clean.  Just use non foaming carburetor cleaner (and remove ALL rubber before hand) and blast through all of the orifices.  Remove all of the jets and confirm they're clean.  Blast throug all of the various passages end to end to make sure carburetor cleaner can make it all the way through.
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