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yamaha warrior ricky stator wiring.

hey guys and girls. its been a while since i have been on here but this is my new account. old one got deleted. i used to be blasterboy2000. but my friend recently got a 03 warrior that we were told needs rings. but motor was tore out one we got it. the guy before has this wiring messed up. the inside of stator cover says  97 but tittle say 03. but we found out it has a new ricky stator in it and none of the wires match up. was wondering if some of u 4poke guys could cime in and give us a wire diagram for the stator and the quad itself. i will post pics in the morning of wires on stator and wires on the harness its self. would really like to get. this wired up so we can compression test it due to it only having electric start.

Re: yamaha warrior ricky stator wiring.

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With engine out of frame just hook jumper cables to it. Hook Pos to starter, then just touch Neg anywhere to engine. This solves the comp test.
As to the rats nest of wires. The electrical was changed many times over the years, so this is a good reason for a Clymers manual  #HMM , and if you have to ring it you'll deffinately need it.
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Re: yamaha warrior ricky stator wiring.

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Yeah, there was a database purge and anyone who hadn't signed on in 6 months or made a post got deleted  :'(   Sorry!
Good news is, you found us again! 
As for "needing rings", that's fairly easy.  Warrior replacement parts are fairly cheap and the engine is fairly basic.  The only part that will give you fits is the timing chain.  You'll have to make sure that the crankshaft (and by that, I mean flywheel) is in the correct position and then set the camshaft into the correct position.  Tension is then applied to the chain in the correct order to keep it in place. 
For the rats nest of wiring, take some pictures and post them.  The stator on the warrior had some wiring color code changes as Larrysshee mentions but their operation is basically the same. 
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