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Announcements / ElkArte 1.0.10
Last post by Corey -
I have updated our forum software to the next minor release that addresses security concerns.

Today, we are pleased to release ElkArte 1.0.10. This is a security release and fixes some security issues that were found and reported in ElkArte. It also contains few other fixes for bugs identified since the release of 1.0.9. As this is a maintenance release, the majority of the updates are focused on bug fixes and increased stability. This is a critical security update and we strongly encourage anyone running any previous version.
Pictures / Videos / Glamis President's Day 2017
Last post by DDQ -
I am on my way home from Glamis. It is a 5000 mile round trip and was totally worth it. I ran out of gas in the dunes twice, burned 40 gallons of 2 stroke fuel in 5 days and my banshee is coming home wrecked and unrideavle. I squeezed every ounce of fun out of this trip. I have hours of footage to go through from action cameras and I will post them in a few days after I edit them down. Here are a few pics from the trip until then...