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1990 merc 60 outboard problem

Okay so most of you guys know I got a boat and I've been enjoying the hell out of it until recently. I took it out a few weeks ago and it started having issues. On the ride out (after running for a good 10 min at wot) the engine just died for just an instant, and then ran fine for another 5 min until a second sputter. After that sputter it only would run half throttle without spitting and sputtering. I rode it half throttle the rest of the way out. fished all day and then did the same on the ride in. On the ride in it was even slower than on the way out. I got it home and after flushing the motor it wouldn't even start again.  The problem seemed to be electrical. I started testing the spark and the number 2 cylinder was sparking erratically(the other two cylinders sparked properly). The plug wires were in need of replacing and the coils were cheap so I replaced #2 for the hell of it.  I also rebuilt and cleaned the carbs and replaced any fuel lines that I hadn't replaced yet to be safe.  It still wouldn't start. It will fire and jerk around violently, spit, sputter, pop, and shut off.  if you increase the idle speed it will fire up but not run right.

After that failed attempt at fixing the issue I ohm'd the trigger leads. The lead that ran the #2 cylinder ohm'd way out of specs(the other two were in specs). Sweet! Right......  No... not at all. bought a new trigger(what tells the coils when to fire) and it didn't fix the problem. It runs like it is out of time but my crank shaft is splined and the flywheel can't move to let it get out of time.  I'm sure there are lot's of details I left out but that is the gist of it.